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Thread: ~*~*All Things Jackie Gleason*~*~

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    Default ~*~*All Things Jackie Gleason*~*~

    Jackie Gleason has to be, without a doubt, one of my most favorite entertainers, of all time. Plain and simple - he is a comedic genius, as well as one of the most productive businessmen Hollywood has ever seen - he produced, directed, starred and wrote for the public's enjoyment - he did it all - and with style and class. You name it, he did it - comedy, drama, slapstick, etc.

    We will never see a man like Jackie Gleason again - coming from Hollywood's doors. So, thought it would be fun to do - ALL THINGS JACKIE GLEASON.

    so, let's get at it and - fill 'er up! and - away we go!

    how sweet it is!

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