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Thread: Veronica Dublin pics?

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    Default Veronica Dublin pics?

    Just wondering about the pics for Veronica, Dublin Female independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    I have been known to glance at the channels on 900+ on sky from time to time and there is a girl that is on, Roxanna and she looks very similar in my eyes, Babecast.TV - Sky 907.

    Both reviews seem pretty similar in the sense they both sign off with thanks darling, but maybe that's just a coincidence.

    Just wondering what you guys think as Roxanna has often done the business for me on a cold dreary night, so I would hate her pics taken in vain

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    Don't know Roxanna, but Veronica's pics are not accurate....

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    Default Not impossible

    I'll have to defer to Mr.Fussy on this one as he may have met the girl in question, but I will say that it's not impossible that a girl from those channels might be out there in the real world.

    This girl Morgan used to escort in Dublin and Belfast under the name Lexi and I had a few serious sessions with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man that girl fucked like a wet dog trying to shake itself dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've also met a bird from Babestation in a lap dancing club in Farringdon in London and she basically told me that if I was willing to pay the cash I could bring her home there and then. But she was talking about an overnight job and like 1500 so I couldn't be arsed. Apparently in that club if you pay 600 you can bring them to a private room where the bouncers aren't allowed to go and then it's up to the people in there to decide what happens Of course the Babestation girl wouldn't agree to go in there, she thought she'd get the 1500 instead.

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