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    [COLOR="Red"]h[/COLORi guys bella here just finished my year ending exams and passed with flying colours iam working all day doing specials as i missed alot of people on my break my specials are 20mins massage 80 30mins full service 100 }45 mins special 150 and 1 hour special 200 iam all horny and wet come visit me lots of love bella 0872301399 ]

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    Lightbulb Recession and escort business.

    Seems to be another bloody agency..

    The escort business is definitely way down for most of the girls on E-I
    May have told me their clients have halved, not literally though

    Ive noticed a big increase in the ads been posted in the forums. As they say "what happens when you dont advertise?


    Nothing!" Escorting is definitely a luxury hobby since it definitely dosnt seem to be recession proof unless the lady has a savage reputation and therefore very regular clients!

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