I've been living abroad for the last few years and I've gotten used to good service (escort agencies were legal where I was). The kind of service I'm used to is

Agencies answering the phone properly.
Actually being there when you arrive.
A choice of 2 or more girls.
A service from a lady who actually enjoys her job.

I've been in Ireland for about 6 months now and I've visited about 8 ladies. I'm about to give up. I realise that escorts are illegal here so it's a sellers market but the service I've gotten is absolutely rubbish. Can anybody recommend some reliable, attractive, fun escorts in the city centre area.

Generally the problems I have here are

1: Answering the phone. If you aren't going to answer the phone then don't advertise yourself as being available at that time. Generally I have to ring about 6 or 7 escorts from this site before I get one that answers.
2: Misadvertising, I've rang a few that said they were in Dublin 2 only to find out they're somewhere around Parnell St or further north. Why bother advertising like that? If I'm looking for an escort in Dublin 2 I'm not going to go to you just because I've rung you. Also if you're an escort advertising your services don't click on every service that you can. If you don't provide owo or a or whatever then don't advertise it.
3: Language. I've rung a couple of escorts that looked great but I just couldn't understand their accents. It's worse in that you can never get their address on your first call. You always have to go to their street then ring them back. If you're accent is hard to understand when I'm in a quiet room it's 10 times harder when there is traffic going past me.
4: Making appointments and then cancelling when I arrive. I'm sure there are idiots that make appointments and then don't turn up, but I've made appointments with 4 different ladies since I've been here who have then suddenly been busy or unavailable to answer their phone when I've arrived at the location they gave. That is really, really annoying and it's worse in that you're nowhere near the website to try and contact another lady.
5: Crap service. If you don't want to provide a good service then don't do the job. When I was abroad I was a regular at a couple of establishments because the service was great. I haven't met one lady here that I would visit again.

Is it too much to ask. Where I was I used to pay the equivalent of €100 for half an hours visit and about 7 times out of 10 it was a lady that I'd visit again. Here you pay around €150 for half an hour and I haven't had the kind of service or lady in any establishment that would make me visit again.

If you look at a lot of the reviews on this site a hell of a lot are negative. Some are glowingly positive, which I've relied on for some visits and then got something different. So are there any good agencies / ladies in the city centre?