Burning rubber is just an expression right....or is it? A bit like 'suckin' diesel' as cultchies would say - what ever that means?

Anyway....I was with this girl a while back and going at it like mad from behind. I was just about to shoot but she came first and her body collapsed as she groaned and twitched in orgasm. This made me loose my rhythm and I stopped for a bit. When I started again I was pumping away and was wanting to cum but it just wasn't happening (she had just sucked me dry before). I kept going and going until finally I came.

At this stage I smelt a nasty odour. It smelt like burning rubber. My brain said no way yet my smelling sense was telling me something was burning. So I withdrew and looked at the condom. Still intact and no signs of smoke! I was tempted to smell it to prove to my doubting brain that the smell could not have been the condom but refrained as she was watching me. It was a horrible smell and seemed to linger under my nose. I got close to her and it was not coming from her.

I got dressed and as I walked out of the bed room I was hit by a stench of burnt food. Yuck! I laughed to myself in disbelief that my brain had even questioned that it could have been 'burning rubber'!

I'll know not to accept an invite for food if I visit there again!!