Howdy all

I recently toured in Limerick and thoroughly enjoyed my visit apart from one muppet who forced me to cancel some appointments.

He contacted me on my first tour to the area last month and was quite rude and then whilst i was in Limerick this time he called to arrange an appointment. I explained to him he had spoken to me previously and given his rude and aggresive nature I would not accept an appointment from him. He then proceeded to repeatedly call and text and then called claiming he had arranged an appointment with me under a different number. For my own personal safety I took the decision on Wednesday evening to cancel any appointments i had with people whom I had not met previously. Obviously this was somewhat inconvenient for the gents who had taken the time to arrange an appointment but everyone was quite understanding.

I do not have the muppets name but his number is 087946**95 and this is also reported on Escort Watch Ireland

Nia xx