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    Hi all ya im still on the watersport buzz havent tried it yet,any suggestions as to go too.if you can be of some help maby somebody who also likes it or an escort who really does it,love to hear from you.thanks in advance.Dickey

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    Default I'm sure somebody can help you Dickey.........

    What area are you in???
    Advertising space available for hire, and reviews for sale, just call

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    Default watersports

    i dont know which area you are from

    but try julieta.....argentinian............she was great.......

    others might do if you ask them openly.....i asked mature kistine and she was ready

    some might charge you a bit more

    genuinely.they would ask some time as they would also like to be ready

    all the best

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    based in coventry west midlands uk but tour dublin every month

    Default Watersports

    Myself and partybabe liz do watersports both ways

    to book please just call us on 086 235 3377 or 086 732 8831

    we are located in a private apartment on the sandyford ind estate dublin 18


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