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Thread: Can any punters in Cork clear this issue up for me

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    Default Can any punters in Cork clear this issue up for me

    Okay guys, i saw Angie in Cork last Monday and i wrote a negative review. One key area in this review was that CIM was advertised on the profile and we agreed that this was 20 extra. I expressed that this was a really poor experience as this particular escort did not partake in this service after i paid for this extra.
    I have had some notes written by Angie under my review that she does not offer this service and then i check her profile and CIM is removed.
    Remarkable. I must be a liar.

    I have always been honest in my reviews folks. Mostly positive to be fair.

    Can any of you guys help me and clarify that i have not gone mental in looking at profiles.
    Appoligies in advance if this is the wrong section.


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    hey cork lad,

    we can edit our profile all the time../rates schedule,services/so after ur review maybe she logged in edited her service and made a comment.......thats all!
    ur not a liar!!!i can imagine after that she got less business..
    also not sure if its the right section. Hope it was a little help or clue for u!!

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