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Thread: Why has escort-ireland taken my profile down 3 times in less then 24 hours???

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    Thumbs down Why has escort-ireland taken my profile down 3 times in less then 24 hours???


    My account is in credit, so cannot understand why IE took my profile down even though I am touring till the 18th October. It was taken down Tuesday and had to wait till Wednesday morning to be able to speak to them and have my profile put up. But only a few hours later my profile was taken down again, now client think I have cancelled my tour, which is not the case and yet again I’m having to wait till Thursday morning to find out why it’s been taken down again. Anyone got any ideas?

    Sorry to all my client for all the confusion but there is simply nothing I can do about this situation and I still don’t know why it keeps being taken down, if anyone knows why this may be happening, would love to know? This is not the first times this situation has happened to me, has anyone had any kind of similar experiences?

    I am still on tour till the 18th October, at the moment I am in Galway and will be here till the 9th of October. Sorry to those who think I’ve cancelled my tour as this is not the case and there is nothing I can do about it.
    Mistress Maisie
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    Your profile has not been suspended 3 times within 24 hours.
    It has been down on 07-10-2009 00:07,the reason of that was no tour location given on that day.
    I will try to explain how touring system works.
    You and other ladies should be aware if you decide to list your profile in touring section your profile will be suspended on a day when tour has is not given.
    Here is an example of tour dates.

    Portloaise Oct 3rd,4th, 11th, 12th
    Limerick Oct 5th
    Clare Oct 6th
    Galway Oct 8th, 9th
    Belfast 13th, 14th 15th

    These touring dates are missing day of 7th October and 10th October. As touring is managed by computer every midnight to change location /activate profile/suspend it When date is missing and no location given on that day profile is suspended. At midnight on the 8th of October profile was reactivated again as this day was listed in your touring in specific location. Despite fact your profile was suspended on the 7th of October it was shown in coming soon section for Galway on the day from 5th October,but was not listed under touring escorts until 8th Oct which is today.

    I hope this will in-light how touring system works, if not please do not hesitate to call me on 0044 203 301 4645

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