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Thread: Balczar lives

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    Default Balczar lives

    he has risen from the ashes phoenix like

    he is Timothy threadmill who kindly sent me a private message telling me his true identity as an accountant for the CAB. Someone has been watching the untouchables again.

    not content with that he is also the dyslexic prospective escort pauine baby who kindly private messages me to tell me he knows who iam. Which of course begs the question why do you need to pretend to be a woman here to contact me then???

    Lastly as with all those who rise from the dead he is 3 people in one the bold Peter steel.

    Welcome back balczar glad to see you have recovered from your suicide.
    Its the Crips and the Bloods all over again

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    A couple of days from his death thread, I have seen him logged on IIE

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