There have been two separate robberies in Dublin in the last 2 weeks so please be careful everyone.

In the first robbery, a female Dublin escort working alone was robbed and assaulted by two men. All her money was taken and she was left bruised by the attack. The first robber was skinny, with a baldhead, 5'8. The second had dark hair and was average build and 56 tall. They were both in their late 20s and spoke with Dublin accents.

In the second robbery, again it was a female independent escort in Dublin working alone attacked by two males. The first guy was in his early 20s, with dark dirty blond hair and stubble. The second guy was skinny with brown hair. He looked as if he was on drugs and spoke with a very effeminate voice. Both had Dublin accents. These robbers used the name Paul and the phone number 086 88237** to make an appointment with the escort. (Last 2 digits of number not shown for legal reasons, but full phone number is available to working ladies only on request.)