So, how much does it cost you to go out any night in Dublin?
If you want to pull you have to have the cash, right?
Think about it:
Thereís the cover charge for the venue!
Then, drinks! Itís like a screening process to make sure youíre not chatting up some weirdo. Or ever been asked to buy some fine thing a shot with a wink? And, heís gone before youíve downed your drink, right?
Say, heís passed the test so far but then itís taxi home or to his? What if you want to be discreet? Hotels arenít cheap either!
Or, you get the guy back and he doesnít know his arse from his elbow? That definitely rings a bell, I know!
Hereís what youíve been waiting for though!
Thereís cheap but effective services out there in Dublinís Fair City!
Do yourself a favour and guarantee yourself what you deserve!
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