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Thread: Throw away the MIGRAINE meds. Dolly has found a NATURAL CURE for Migraines

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    Default Throw away the MIGRAINE meds. Dolly has found a NATURAL CURE for Migraines

    Hello any fellow migraine sufferers out there in the E-I horny land. I wanted to tell you that Ive discovered, by all my constant experiments on what causes and cures migraines, a very natural and healthy migraine cure. I have found that the meds that doctors give, do absolutely nothing to cure my migraines. What side effects I get from them are strong, but they dont kick a migraine. If you have a migraine, I suggest to listen to your body if it needs to eat or not eat while you have one. If it tells you that food will make it worse, then dont take any food or liquids until it gives you the signal that its ok to eat or drink something. At this point the cure I discovered is a tea called Kukicha Tea (or Bancha Tea)
    and you make a pot of this and drink it slowly. Your breathing may become a little shallow, but thats ok because the body is focusing its all energy to cure your migraine so other normal activities of the body will slow down as it concentrates on the place to be healed. For the food to heal, Soba Noodles are the other part of this cure. Have them like a soup. You can make a broth of water and miso and add the Soba Noodles and drink then your Bancha Tea. This will give you energy boost and also let down the migraine symptoms. In my situation, its been a miracle cure. Also find one of those back massagers that are wooden with little balls and you put this under your head and let the pressure massage your scalp. Buy putting pressure against the pressure of the migraine, this counteracts the power of the migraine. It relieves pressure doing this.

    Foods to avoid for migraine sufferers:
    Black Tea
    Red Wine

    Migraine sufferers must get the same amount of sleep every night. Be on a strict sleep routine. Also must avoid stress and confrontations. Is good to cum once a day for a migraine sufferer. Also take a walk once a day in a quiet area.
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