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Thread: Dolly, the "Fuckor"

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    Default Dolly, the "Fuckor"

    Had a sssssstrange appointment today, lads. He was an over-da-hill gent (does 75 qualify for over-da-hill status?) who wanted treated.....
    "Dolly lick my whole body, lick my nipples, lick my belly, lick up my back, lick my asshole, lick the bottom of my feet, suck on my toes, stick them all in your mouth, Dolly, suck my toes Dolly the way only you can do. Dolly, put some cream on my feet and massage them, my feet are so dry Dolly and please do my legs too 'Oh god Dolly you take such good care of me. Only you can make me feel this way'. Dolly climb on top of me and fuck me. I just lie here and let you fuck me Dolly. Now put your legs out straight Dolly and lay on top of me missionary and squeeze your thighs tight and grind up and down. Dolly now you are really fucking me and I am your fuckee."
    I tell you what lads, I forgot which was which. Me fucking him or him fucking me? This position made me feel... Well, I could feel like how you lads feel when you lay on top of a bird and fuck her missionary. Does this make sense? The way my legs were squeezed so tightly and how he had me grind up and down it was the same sensation you guys would have I think.
    Anyway, he sent me an email tonight saying "thankyou for fucking me tonight. You are such a great Fuckor and I am your very happy Fuckee. I will sleep very well tonight, thanks to you Dolly"

    I have used strapons plenty of times on clients (not with this client), but this was a totally different experience. Do any of you know this feeling? Ever try this with a women? Or escorts did you try this with a client before?
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