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    I'm sure we all know by this stage that punting is a hit and miss affair. Having said that over time we all find some gems who are worth a second/third visit. EI is a great site, but one of the problems always is that girls only appear on the site when they are actually.

    I don't punt that often , maybe 3-4 times a year. With a lot of the girls touring these days, their profiles drop in and out of view. How about an alert feature that tells you when one of your favourites is on tour.

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    Hi I think that's a fab idea, so often the girl/s you maybe like have been and gone before you get a chance to visit. It also would allow the girls have appointments sorted with regulars and avoid the morans who book and don't keep the appointment but waste everyboys time.

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    This would be a great feature, I'd love some kind of notification if a favourite is back in the country.

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