Hi all, I just arrived in dublin and figured I'd give this a try! I'm studying for a while here and was looking into getting a part time job, but this sounds more fun.

I'm 23, good looking, polite and easy to get along with and as stated quite well endowed. I"m roughly 5-10, dark hair short shaved hair, blue eyes, and a moderate athletic body. I don't have a six pack but I am quite buff. I'm mainly looking for females (Would act as a date or for pleasure or both), couples and possibly men depending on the offer. I am very capable of carying on a conversation and I'm sure you will find me quite friendly and fun to be around.

I would prefer meeting a female, and as long as your clean i'd be interested in doing just about anything. Married women are Ok as well.

I am straight (or bi curious I guess), and do ocassionally enjoy head from men. I've also tried some water sports, small cock humiliation (my favorite).

I do have pics that I can send.

Note* I'm only looking to find a few individuals for repeat customers. I don't have any rates in particular, so I guess just email me with what your interested and with what your looking to pay.

My email is alwaysready111@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon!