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Thread: friday specials 3 day open

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    Default friday specials 3 day open

    hi all silks here new apt open dublin very good rates and 2 beautiful girls pm me for more info and girls doing friday specials so pm me and get good rates silks

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    Whats with this PM shit.


    SIMPLE can you not put it here ???

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    Arrow prices

    the girls range from 80 upwards depending on what you are looking for.

    you can pm me for details on the girls if you would like.

    we have appartments in many locations in dublin but we are doing special offers in the city centre appartment near the IFSC

    these offers include:

    quickies for 80
    half hour for 100
    hour for 180
    etc etc

    we also have elite Irish girls who are a bit more expensive but extremely worth it

    NEW OFFER!!!!!!!
    we have a special treat for all you fellas coming up for the match
    how would you like a little party?????
    drinks provided and of course our in house entertainment from the lovely girls

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    Default hi

    can u send me pics of u

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    Default hi

    can you pm me details thanks

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