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Thread: Savanna back in Portlaois County, Laois

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    Default Savanna back in Portlaois County, Laois

    A big hello to all you men in Portlaois County, get ready, I will be touring on the 7th September untill the 9th 2009.
    I will start work 3 o'clock and finisg last booking at 20:30.

    If there is no answer when you fone, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Looking forward to seeing all you locvelly men.

    Love Savanna XXX

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    Default cork

    please please please come to cork

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    Come to Belfast! Come to Belfast! Please please please!!

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    Oh Savannah! I know Dublin can hardly compare to the delights of Portlaoise, but would you consider swinging up here for a few days? Please?

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