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    Hi, I'm Jack and I'm new to the cork escort scene. I'm an attractive 19 yr old student who's available in the cork city area on most evenings and weekends.
    I cater for all tastes and I prefer sensual sex with men and women rather but i wouldnt mind everything else.My fees are negotiable and no requests for special services shall be refused!!
    I want to get my soft hands on your hard oiled cock and stroke it with my expert grip, provided you are rock-hard and don't mind that is ...
    I have tasted my own semen and am addicted as to how yours tastes, especially that precum that oozes out of its tip. The combined saltiness of it with the sweetness of the babyoil is very arousing. Silky sweet and wet, more lube for your swollen head.
    I can come amazingly forcefully after up to two sometimes three hours of self teasing. I would like a session with another equally willing and able cock. I can carry this out in a dominant manner if required. Remember, this is purely for my pleasure.I will make you orgasm. I will hose the place down and will direct it anywhere you like.
    Text first, NO CALLS. Text . Then wait for my response, which will be by text.I respond by voice I hope you employ my other hand promptly to your cock
    For more info. on me you can email me at
    Your dreams are my fantasies!!
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