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Thread: Do You Watch Tinto Brass Films?

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    Default Do You Watch Tinto Brass Films?

    Some I really love and some are just plain stupid. I go and buy all the films I can find by this director, and its just hit or miss. I either hate or love it. Im not sure if I should keep the ones I hate and maybe they will grow on me eventually? My favorite film is "Cheeky" and second favorite is "Frivolour Lola". Wached "Miranda" last night, and wanted to throw it in the bin it was so bad. Now watching "The Key" and Im near to throw it in the bin too This is film 2 in a collection of 3 that cost me $50. I think if I get some really special clients, Ill just give them these films as a little gift. Ok, now theres a good scene.... ok now its bad again. Why is there a cockroach near her pussy while she is being ate out by another women on the kitchen counter and a man is looking through a telescope while speaking German?
    Still, Id like to be an actress in one of his films. Id have to grow a bush tho. He likes filming hairy pussies

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    Do you watch the movies for some artistic content or do you watch them while masturbating? I am sure that you could track down Tinto Brass through the internet and send him some photos or a connection to your website.

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