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    Smile Rule Change

    Hi All,

    In light of the new "trusted reviewer" gold medals being given out to reviewers I will be updating the rules for Escort of the Month for next months competition.

    So for "trusted reviewers" a review will be marked as follows...

    Positive reviews; 4 points
    Neutral reviews; 1 point (no change)
    Negative reviews; -4 points
    N/A reviews; 0 points (no change)

    Also for Reviewers registering and posting reviews on the same day these reviews will be count unless they are Ratted. But the following points system will be set up for them...

    Positive reviews; 1 point
    Neutral reviews; 0 points
    Negative reviews; -1 point
    N/A reviews; 0 points (no change)

    This system will be introduced to the Escort of the Month Competition next month.

    I would also like to thank NB3 and Patricia for spending a lot of time improving the system. I think NB3 has worked very very hard over the last 2 months on the review system and believe me he has done a great job that I'm sure everyone here is well aware of that. Thanks NB3.

    Ric xxx
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