Met an escort on Saturday night 22nd August at my hotel, well sort of met her. Booked her on the basis of her pictures but what turned up was far from anywhere near being her photos. Refused to meet her. So sat down last night 25th August and did a review on her as indicated on her profile and guess what when I went today to look at my review, she had removed herself from the review system. This should not be allowed. Okay if from the start you the escort say no reviews allowed, well ok but when you get a bad review, a review showing you up for what you are, a deceiving little fat madam using someones elses pics and trying to do punters out of their hard earned cash, well at that stage you should not be permitted to opt out of the review system. On this site she is Greek and another site she is romanian but what is annoying as well is that her pictures are Genuine and verified. How can this be? The answer to whether you are suppling genuine pics or not is simply, submit your pictures to Patricia plus a head and full body shot of yourself, even just using your phone to do this and in the picture show a daily Irish newspaper. Oh her name is ZUZY working in Dublin.
So Patricia what do you have to say????