Smarty, I like your initial post on this subject. Your spot-on. Such a pile of scumbags. They should put a 5billion+ stimulus package into jobs, enterprise, etc.. irish people are unreal for taking crap and not getting out there and causing an uproar, anarchy and rioting Is the way to go. I do listen to giftgrub imitating politicians, its fierce funny. Theyíre such brainless gits-the government. I hate this shit about Lisbon, it got a no and it should get a no again. They didnít even change it and now the head of intel is pushing a yes vote aswell. I reckon itís a big corrupt international conspirarcy.

Itíll benefit the cheaper eastern countries like Poland but not us overpriced countries in west Europe. Us irish really need to get our fists out, England still holds onto 6 counties that donít belong to them. No other countries have put up with the shit that us irish have become almost accustomed to. Itís a scandal. Those twats keep wanting a yes for Lisbon and nobody even understands its purpose.

Doesnít make sense to vote yes just to accommodate some other European heavyweights. Germany economyís output (exports) is over 30% of the whole EU total. Doesnít even include their own large domestic market. Ireland will be swashed and will become voiceless if this Lisbon crap goes through. Whys it even called Lisbon? Did the Portuguese invent this crap? Europe has the EU union and dosnt need this Lisbon and didnít need that ĎNiceí crap either a few years ago which initially got a no vote aswell. And theres something very dodgy about fine gael, labour and fianna fail actually agreeing on this treaty.

Finally NAMA is a joke, thereíll be no liability or accountability when this 5 billion goes south because nama will have no real purpose or success.

I hate banks and this whole corrupt system of capitalism in general. Money is not a limited material. KEEP PRINTING.. thatís all that needs to be done. Fuck the IMF and all these central bank dickheads.. Controlling poverty is all they do.. suppress one country to help another get rich.. this world has no ethics anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!