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    Smile Uniforms Uniforms Uniforms!!

    Hello lovely escort ladies!

    I came into an unexpected windfall of money this month and am looking to blow it on a fun night with an escort in uniform.

    A nice girl (in her 20s preferrably), light brown hair or blonde hair and green or blue eyes.

    OWO, CIM, Facials and A-levels are all a major bonus, but not a deal-breaker. I would like to discuss what is on/off the list of activities before meeting up though (if that is ok with you!)

    An outfit like this would be perfect: or a nurses uniform (with pigtails in your hair)

    I know I could find a girl with this description / favourites if I looked through profiles, but I'd love to spend my money and time with someone who actually interacts with potential punters on the boards, as I've been disappointed in the past by girls who won't chat before an appointment!!

    Can't wait to talk to ye soon,

    FTR x x

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    Try the escort search function to narrow your search! Less hassle than looking thru all profiles!

    Try talking to Anna, Dublin Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    And having run your needs through the search it only matches 1 lady totally...Alexis, Dublin Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Both have flawless reviews!
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    ^ good post , but i think he was looking for the girls to respond , and show that they have interaction with the punters on the forum/site .

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    if u check this section ull see just very few girls answer for very few occasion...rather punters helps to each other..

    but i posted here so answer for his question i dont have uniform like this just a cherleeder one but lookin for that cause its soooo cute
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    Hey skyblue41, BelshaftAndBeyond and hornynaomi

    Thanks for responding to my post! you all had good advice and info.

    it has made my search more fun and exciting. I'll let ye know how I get on anyway!!

    Licking ass and faking names!

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    i dont have uniform like this just a cherleeder one but lookin for that cause its soooo cute [/QUOTE]

    Naomi, a cheerleader in a shower - thats a scene from a very famous film 'Debbie does Dallas'.

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    Hmm, I've noticed a few escort I've been with and asked for a school uniform have produced a tiny tartan mini-skirt and maybe a white top.

    This is NOT a school uniform. The skirt should be knee length and the shirt full and with a tie.

    Anna23 seems to be the only one with a realistic school uniform. Anyone else have a good one?

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