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    Default lyn and john

    have just finished reading a most frightening book.

    Cork University Press - Lyn: A Story of Prostitution

    now it was published in 87' and through having conversations with people i know,both young and old, it would seem I am the last person in Ireland to read it.
    I grew up in a rough area and have seen a lot of things but the events laid down in this book shocked me to my core.
    Have any of you read it?
    If you have not I would strongly recommend it although it is not for the faint of heart I assure you.
    To read in detail the trauma of the events this woman suffered through is truly horrifying and has seriously left its mark on me.
    Does anyone know if this man john c is still in prison?
    I fear that as a result of our archaic justice system that he may be out amongst us,am I wrong?

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    Default Not the last

    I have never heard of that book or that news story specifically.
    We think there is a lot of violence and murder now but there was a lot that went on in the 70's & 80's that didn't get the same media coverage as it does now.

    You shouldn't be reading books like that late at night - read some poetry now and go to sleep happy.

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