I thought I'd post this here as I think people here are interested in women that look and sound really hot and might be interested in things like this. I can always post it somewhere else if people don't care about it here.

What do you think of Beyonce's new music video? IMO hers haven't been so great lately, but I thought this one had a huge amount of potential but seemed to be kind of half done:

YouTube - Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams

The ones that I think are world class, the best of the best, brilliant Beyonce music videos are the following (personally I think they are about the best music videos period):

* Crazy in Love.
* Green Light.
* Baby Boy.
* Ring The Alarm.
* Deja Vu.

There's other ones that are brilliant and world class, but missing something for me (whether it be music or the video or both), like Irreplacable and Check Upon It... then there are the rare ones that are really horrible like Single Ladies.

But I don't know about this one. I think it has the making of being a top-tier one but it's as if it was rushed or something.... and that puts it down into the second ones for me. It's just not as good because of some things, it's a pity though. It has so many good and bad points that it's hard to know what to make of it.

First can I just say how much I love the music and her voice. The audio is PERFECT. It uses her vocals perfectly and I love the really base sound. I love that aspect to it, from her first scream to the sound effects on it.

1. The opening: It's not that attention-grabbing. I don't like the childishness of the tune... I think it's be better if it was the same thing but with a less childish instrument. Turning into electric guitar though is really good. I'd also prefer it a bit brighter. It's not exactly mind-blowing though.

2. 0:25: Wow!!!! NOW we're talking!!!! The barren landscape behind her looks like an extremely well done alien planet out of a sci-fi movie/show. The sky, the setting sun.... Notice how the light blinds the action and moves around... brilliant!!! That background is about the best I have EVER seen. The scream at the start is great for some reason as is the dancing and the moves. Beyonce looks incredibly hot in that outfit!!! I love it, it's so sexy along with those boots!!! Girls take note. But I could not possibly say enough good things about that background.

3. 0:36: The two other ladies come into the picture. Notice how what they're wearing pales in comparison to Beyonce's, what they're wearing is so plain. Their movement is mechanical, Beyonce's is so fluid, so human. Look at what a saucy little girl she is and how she moves towards you at the start there while they just stand there. I love the raggedy look of her dress and her hair as well... she's an ANIMAL!!! The other girls' shows are also bad compared to Beyonce's beautiful boots. This is how it should be done, unlike in that "Single Ladies" nonsense where they were all practically the exact same with clothes&moves and just a white background, uck!!!! wtf were they thinking?!

4. 0:44: I love this move!!! It's not the most original, but it works every time and I really like seeing her do it in this video!!!

5. All of the camera work and panning, all of the dance moves and everything along the next part is perfect. If it kept this up it would be one of her best videos.

6. 1:13: Woah!!! What the hell? This bit sucks. Her new dress doesn't look great in that light, it's as plain as the other girls' ones were. Now they have nothing in the background but bright white. I don't like the way she's walking towards you continually without coming closer, I hate that. I hate her cape and I hate the capes of the girls (which still look better than her stripy one), I hate all of that. Yuck!!!

7. 1:25 This bit is actually quite good. They have a white light in the background surrounded by a cool light blue. She looks stunning again in her original dress and the girls look excellent and where they SHOULD be... plain compared to her. They flick back and forth through this and the other ones... this and all its derivatives are wayyyy better than the other parts. I especially dislike the three identical Beyonces walking towards you.

8. 1:46 I like this dress as well, not as great as the first one of course, but you can't blame them for not matching perfection. I like how it's over both her sides unlike with the side-kicks, I keep going back to that but Beyonce is supposed to be the starring person after all, it's not supposed to be a democratic thing!!! I like the cool smudgey blue again. I like the move at 2:03, but not the weird finger circling, but it's not too bad I suppose. at 2:10.

9. 2:16: Wow!!!! This is possibly the coolest bit in the entire video. Beyonce's movements and the mirrors especially at the start are incredible. THIS is what would be a part of the best music video in the world ever for me. I can't get over how good she/this looks. I love her graceful/slow/passionate movements and her clothing is very hot and definitely suits her in this scene. It really suits her, and makes her a silver queen that she is.

10. 2:33: Beyonce punches the mirror and bits come out everywhere!!! MY MIND = BLOWN!!!!! One of the coolest things I have EVER seen. The bits of mirror and Beyonce are beauty beyond belief and the same incredibly beautiful, graceful movements. So now... we're on the right track again but then...

11. 2:49: AAAA!!!! WTF is this? Where is her hair? Her delicious, rugged, seductive, sensual hair???

Also what's with the lyrics: "Tatoo your name across my heart"... that sounds pretty disgusting to me. First of all, writing is a made-up, artificial thing. Secondly, tatooing is a made-up, artificial and permanent thing. Tatooing your name on someone else sounds so wrong to me, and why did she not want her name to be tatooed on her lover's/your heart? It just sounds really, really odd and a bit offensive to me.

12. 2:54: Okay I like this at first apart from the hair... but then they cut it again back to when she was with the two other girls (not the lame-looking scene). But now it's in black and white!!!!! I still like it... but I wanted to see more of gold Beyonce. This bit should have replaced the lame-looking scenes with the capes, and then made new stuff for gold Beyonce.

13. 3:20: I don't like this move. It's *very* slutty (and not in a good way a cheap way). I don't like the vocals along with it either. All her other moves are great.

14: 3:34: Ah... gold Beyonce back again. Let's see what she does. I really like how she moves from side to side... it's REALLY, REALLY hot and also original. I like how the camera moves through all of this as well. Then suddenly... it's OVER! When I first looked at this, I thought for *sure* it had been cut off, but no... that's actually the ending to it. There is no more gold Beyonce. She was only in that for about 10 seconds overall.

It seems to me like maybe they had to rush to get it out, or maybe they ran out of money, or maybe there was some dispute, who knows. Whatever the case, I think this music video is really full of brilliant and poor points as it is. It had so much potential.