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Thread: Favourites =/= extras?

  1. Default Favourites =/= extras?

    I'm just wondering what the general view on this is?

    I don't punt often, only once off this site, but just wondering. Any working ladies views appreciated.

    Obviously, it's only natural to expect certain things such as hardsports (euk!) or Anal to be extra (even if listed), but are there any hard and fast rules?

    I'm thinking specifically of facials, if that's listed should one expect to pay extra?


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    u should be new here..lots of post earlyer from this topic....
    always make sure on the phone what u want!before u hand the money make sure u get what u pay for....thats it
    as escorts have the right to say no u have the right to leave.....just dont make stupid excuses...
    i belive the truth is better!!

    Good Luck

    "The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast."/GGM/

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