came across this new toy which woul dpotentially kill the bore in between the visits to luxury escorts.
Unfortunately they don't deliver out of the UK because of the weight but I am sure one of those touring experts could take one of those in their hand luggage (will pay Ryanair surcharge)

"The amazing technology of the innovative Utensil Race series of masturbators is now available in the full size Extreme Hip version! Featuring revolutionary zero diameter technology that replicates the feel of pushing through layers of muscle!

What is the difference? What makes Utensil Race so different?

The passage of a normal masturbator sleeve is like a hole or a tunnel. Utensil Race has a passage with almost a zero diameter - just like a real vagina - until you push against it, when you glide through, feeling like you're pushing through layers and layers of muscle and flesh. Incredibly real!

This sleeve was designed from the results of a huge survey of 70,000 vaginas! It has a zero diameter structure, providing incredibly realistic sensations. The super complex inner texture is designed to accurately mirror the internal dimensions of the vagina like never before.

Eddie Bored Bastard