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Thread: TS Monyca visiting Belfast/Dublin august/09

  1. Smile TS Monyca visiting Belfast/Dublin august/09

    Ts monyca visiting

    belfast 10/11/12 aug/09
    dublin 13/20 aug/09

    07969 283 479

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    Default very old pictures

    Your pictures are the exact same ones you were using 9 or 10 years ago. Can you put up something more recent?

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    thank you for your note,

    i have uploaded a portrait picture in my album profile.
    This was taken
    at the wayout club in May earlier this year,

    although I have a strong feeling I may not be the
    right t-girl for you,

    No, I dont have a new photo shot, as I have been
    extremely busy doing what I do best for the past "10 years"

    Thank you for the past "10 years" of interest,

    xx Monyca

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