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    ladies i have 300 to spend this saturday/sunday
    who ever gives me the best option gets the 300
    points scored for
    1. Duration allowed
    2. Services offered
    3. Originality :-)

    im open minded so all ideas entertained especially does that may not be the norm, wink wink

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    I'd plump for 3 half hour punts with 3 diff hotties myself
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    Default i hear ya

    i know where ur coming from. but theodd time i like to do this and spend a long time with one escort, its a different experience and with the right girl a good one

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    Hey there,

    I think choose sum girls u like, try to call them if u sounds good n nice on the phone u will get a nice offer!
    Its a competition for u as well find the girl who speek perfect english so understand what u want..
    Be nice hahaha

    Anyway what is the duration u want for that price??
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