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    i just had to tell someone about this girl i met last nite she was FANTASTIC. Shes a touring girl, i think working in belfast now and as far as i am concerned she should stay in belfast and teach the other rip off merchants here a thing or 2.
    she's a big, black girl, wit pleanty of meat in all the right places, she gave me the best covered blow EVER!!!!! she understands that its not to too sensitive with the rubber so what she was doing with her tongue was amazing then she got out this amazing toy she said she picked up from canada. i had never seen anything like it , i cant even descibe it it was that weird and when she used it on me it blew me away. i stil cant get the sentation out of my loins. i'd love to see her again but she''s a pricy girl but if i can i will definately be back. id give you her number if i had it, i can't even remember her name but she is well worth the visit

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    found her number *phone number removed*
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    Please read the rules re phone numbers blockhead.

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