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Thread: The mods are getting out of control again...

  1. Lightbulb The mods are getting out of control again...

    I just got an odd message from someone calling himself "thehighwayman", apparently he's some sort of "community moderator":

    Hi nicegirlsarenice,

    I would advise you to just use this account for pming and not to post on the forum. As your main profile is banned untill next Sunday you are not allowed to post under any username. It would be in your interest to serve the ban and come back when it's up. If yoiu set up profiles and post you will only get a longer ban.

    I think this is beyond ridiculous. I could be anyone just randomly setting up accounts to get nicegirlsarenice banned or banned longer... they could at least try and use my IP address... but maybe only Patricia has access to that.

    I thought only Patricia had the ability to ban people? Or maybe that's permanently ban, so they go crazy with the temporary ban???

    Nicegirlsarenice was banned for a day, then someone made it a week because he defended himself by just posting in the thread, now he's banned for another week because he's "attempting to post under another account"? What a joke!!!!

    Honestly, if I was causing trouble or something THEN maybe... actually no, you still couldn't do it because I could be anyone.

    Take it easy mods, I know you love your power and maybe get a little excited sometimes with it .... but you're getting a way out of hand. I mean I was banned for a day for the only actual thing I allegedly did wrong!!! Then Anna23 made that topic saying I should be given a label encouraging others to ignore me and calling me all sorts of things!!!!
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    Default PropertyofAnnaSavicha banned permanently

    The above user name has been banned permanently for three reasons:

    1. The user is either a currently temporarily banned member attempting to circumvent his ban or somebody else attempting to impersonate him. In any event, this is obviously no new member as he displays quite an amount of knowledge.

    2. Posting the contents of a pm, without showing evidence of the author's consent.

    3. Creating an additional user name for a purpose other than comedy i.e. trolling.

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    I sent you this message in the mean time to save you from getting banned. I asked the Ad Staff last night to do an IP check. They weren't online at that time and they'll check out who you are later when their on.

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