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Thread: Irish Fiona visiting Cork Mon 27th- Wed 29th XXXX

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    In a big bed wearing hot underwear!

    Talking Irish Fiona visiting Cork Mon 27th- Wed 29th XXXX

    Hello there you sexy Cork men!!!
    I will be visiting your lovely city from this Monday 27th morning until Wednesday afternoon!

    Because i am in a new city with so many new men that i haven't met before, i will be working by referrals only! Or if you are a regular poster on this site that's referral enough for me also

    Their are so many of you that have pm'd me that i cant wait to meet...... woooo hooooo!!!!

    I will be taking bookings from today so i look forward to hearing from you

    Pm me ONLY for details not in this post

    Soft wet kisses and sexy moans

    Fiona xxxxxxx
    Give me a kiss and Iíll serenade you among the stars XXX

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    Default Hurry back....


    Not sure how the Leesiders will take to you.

    You belong in Dublin 4 among the Ross O'Carroll Kelly set!

    Missing you already!


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