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    Hello all.

    Reading the messageboard and reviews a couple of things struck me that perhaps might merit discussion from more seasoned punters than I.

    I have had experience of both good and bad service providers but the one thing I would say is that prior to meeting an escort I never had any preconceived ideas of how it would or should go.

    I do know what I like and I do know what I want but I don't go to meet an escort with a mental checklist that needs all boxes ticked or I will leave pissed off, I find it is better to just go with the flow and a better time ensues.

    Surely building ones expectations on the basis of others experiences can only lead to disappointment?

    Some forewarning in the way of reviews or message board comments are welcome to give a GENERAL idea as to whether the escort is genuine with regards to services, pics, rates etc but I would never expect to duplicate others experiences.

    Am I in the minority in this respect or would my thoughts and reasoning be that of many here?

    Another query if I may?

    While I do punt fairly regularly with one particularly excellent service provider I suppose in the grand scheme of things I would be classed as a relative novice with regards the amount of different escorts I have seen.

    My question to those that see many of the girls is, do you find that you get more demanding as you get more (for the want of a better word) addicted?
    Does what once satisfied you and gave you that buzz now seem routine and you find yourself pushing the boundaries more and more to get the same buzz?

    My reason for asking this question is that I find myself now doing things sexually that perhaps 6 or 12 months ago I would have baulked at.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I find that I get a better service if i check out the reviews, I sometimes am still surprised or maby dissapointed by the service recieved. Then if i am really horny I might just take a chance on an escort by the photo's. I never visit an escort that do not allow reviews. There are a few escorts that i cant wait to revisit when they return.
    regards Freagal

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