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Thread: Girls required to work a business conference

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    Default Girls required to work a business conference

    I am seeking 2-3 girls to work at 3 upcoming business conferences at high quality hotels in the coming months. A minimum of 15 clients to be entertained daily over a three day period. Girls must speak English to a good standard, be very presentable, and capable of holding conversation over dinner.

    Please pm me with any details of interest.


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    Where are the conferences taking place?

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    Where are the conferences taking place and do u still have vacancies

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    What are the conferences about?

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    They are general business related conferences...relating to the banking sector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Up and Under View Post
    They are general business related conferences...relating to the banking sector.
    the bankin sector??? omg, the girls are really gonna get screwedkiddin

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    This sounds a bit wierd in my opinion

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    Warning ladies, I have recieved one complaint that this guy is just looking to "interview". Sorry if this is false up and under, but the ladies must be warned in case it is true.

    Pat x

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    This man offered me an apt in galway for race week, handed him money, gave me the keys and the codes and address MERCHANT COURT, eyre square, galway and his "friend" the auctioneer and that guys contact number and turned out that he was a farmer in spiddal, Merchant Court turned out to be an office building in dublin on the quays. When he was contacted over it I had a second guy with a uk accent answer phone laughing saying that paul is in london now and letting on that paul had diverted calls to him.

    this man has also asked me about this conference coming up. he contradicted his story twice. asked me to get load of girls and he would pay all of us afterwards. i put a warning up on private escort forum and many girls pm me advising he scams girls for freebies.

    he also goes by the name of pat who does movies for adult channels using a different number. he conned me in dun laoghaire before and got his male receptionist to call me to pretend he was the director in london and that the deal was genuine who has same uk accent as the receptionist i rang about the apartment. he says that the phone is diverted but you can hear that bollox in the background.

    all this man does is go to girls and wows them with all this possible money and its all fake and is only for freebies for him and his mates.

    Id steer well clear. He is 5ft6/7, large build/overweight, ginger hair, wears glasses drives a silver volvo s40 a 00/01 reg i cant fully remember.

    i have numbers he used should anyone like them.


    P.S I made a complaint to e-i over him conning me on race week. I let down a lot of punters coz of this asshole. he cost me a fortune in losses in one day alone. he is a scumbag and would want to never contact me again.
    Always up for fun and games in your bed!!

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    Default up and under

    yea sure he gave me a review as someone is bound to point out, but that was after he taking back the money he left out - which i didnt cop till he was out the door of hotel. As much as I would have killed to have - i didnt make a scene due to the fact i am very nervous when using hotels as i dont get to use a room in an apt only left with using hotels.
    Always up for fun and games in your bed!!

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