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    Hey does anyone know if its cool to PM the birds here for an appt, supply a mobi punting sim card no, of course, but just to do the dirty ground work by PM initially. This is my strategy, me thinks

    Also I wanna encourage more girls on here to the boards. I think we should all try this.

    Its quite simple. Post on here, have a bit of craic and we will fill your crack!

    Id like to invite the following ladies to post more


    Busty Beth

    Mistress Elaine

    UK Heather

    Four different crackers. All lovely

    Come on ladies, your welcome. Start a thread and thank the new wise guy, Mike Roe Soft

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    Yes, I'd say it's no problem contacting some of the ladies here via PM......... Provided they log in to check them......... no problem with the regular posters I'd say...........
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