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Thread: Escort photography for websites,profiles etc

  1. Default Escort photography for websites,profiles etc


    photographer from dublin available for photos for your websites/profiles etc,no studio needed can be done in your apartment hotel etc,airbrushing scar removal services available if needed,good rates

    please pm me for further details

    sample images below

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    limoguy looking back on your posts,you seem to be into photography videos and limos,i didnt go badmouthing your work so no need to spoil my thread

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    Default photography

    I didnt mean to spoil your threat but the girls photos is their advertising, so you need to do it right. Your photos is not bad, just the faceblur need some attention. If you need help with it, you can let me know.

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    these girls are advertising with the original pics,it would not be fair to show their face here unless they wanted to

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