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    Hi all,

    Just to warn my fellow Navan punters that the regular apts are now officially being over used and the residents are onto it, I had a discussion with a few residents at the weekend and they were able to tell me exactly what goes on and in which apartments.
    Just a couple of tips;
    All the ladies tell you to go to the apartment block and phone them to see which apartment, don't do this while standing in the courtyard or parking area as the residents have told me this is a dead giveaway / indication that you are visiting an escort.
    Don't park in the main parking area, rather down the road a little and walk in directly to the block.

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    Those are the joys of small town living Brother Anon.....the people are so friendly and personable compared to Dublin, that they can not only tell you what you had for breakfast..........but who you had for breakfast as well.

    The community spirit is alive and well in need to draw the curtains, it would only obstruct the view of the neighbours.....and the "goings on".

    Any truth in the rumour that the Meath Chronicle will be appointing an escort correspondent shortly?
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