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Thread: Looking for a full hour

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    I'm looking for a young fit escort who'll let you work away for the full hour, even if you only last 5 mins first time.. If she's fit I'll go again straight away!!! Any offers girls??

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    Default Helloooooooooo

    Get a life!

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    Call one up and pay her for the hour in installments, lets say 50 quid a pop
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    Im sure it depends on the girl and how many positive ratings shes got ...

    id pick a girl thats been on EI for awhile and give her a ring and im sure
    being how everyones alittle more careful with there money they will be happy
    that your paying for an hour and if they say no ... then just call another one

    im sure 2/3 girls will let you get your moneys worth out of the hour

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    Yeah, but it normally works out more expensive Brother Doozer if you pay in installments over a period of time. My advice to the poster would be to frontload the payment and then download as much as possible at the backend. Makes good business sense.

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    I am always surprised when my clients are asking me how many times they can come. ( I guess some allow them to come only once!) I always tell them, that they can come as many times as they can physically come within the time we agreed. They pay me to have a good/great time, and that is what I do my best to give them! I do set my alarm from teh time they come in my room for 30min, 1h, or 2h; just to keep track of time, because I really do lose track of time when I am having fun, and I guess you do too; but in my case some other people want to see me, and I need to be professional.

    That said the shower time before you leave is not included in the time of fun we agreed, so you do get one full hour with me. Make sure you don't need a shower when you arrive though. ;-)

    I am now staying in a hotel in dublin, close to the airport.

    Have a look at my profile and give me a call if interested.

    Kind regards

    French Emily

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