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    I would like to know who actually confirms that the escort photo's are genuine ?

    I have been to see a number of escorts in this section & the photos are not that of the girls that I have seen. This has now turned me off selecting girls from this section.

    Don't get me wrong.....I went to see Taylor, & she is a good looking girl in person, but her photo's are not of here.

    I went to see Sofia, & again the photo's were not of her. In her pics she looks like every mans dream girl with a body to die for. But in reality, not so. I was shocked to she she had a boob job & each breast looks like something from a Frankenstien movie. A big visible scare on the underside od each boob. It's a pity, as this girl is really nice.


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    We use a variety of means to confirm a girls photos are real, but unfortunately none of these will ever be 100%. We do get duped occassionally and, also, some girls pass their phones around, i.e. a girl who has had her photos verified lends her phone to a friend she reckons looks like her when she is not working.

    The best thing punters can do to fight photo accuracy is:
    [1] Don't hand your money over if you meet a lady who is using fake photos (I know it is your time wasted that day, but ladies won't learn not to do this to punters if punters don't show they won't have it)
    [2] Post a review or alert us when you find a not accurate photo situation.

    Regards the two ladies you mentioned:

    Taylor's photos are not verified genuine by us. We have actually been told once before her photos do not appear to be of her if I recall correctly. However, lots of punters are saying they do look like her too and we can't really totally remove them unless there is some proof they are fake beyond a couple of punters saying they are whilst many say they are not.

    If you mean this Sofia yes her photos have been verified and we have had feedback from punters that they are real too. Are you saying your experience was that you didn't get the girl in the pics?

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    My apologies about Taylor.

    As for Sofia, the pics that are posted look similar to her. If you were to visit her on the merit of her pics you will get a shock when she removes her bra. As I said Sofia is really a nice girl, but I wasn't expecting to see here boobs covered in scars which are not visible from her pics posted on her link.

    I think if escorts want to verify there pics, they should show there faces.....just my opion. It's not a go at the girls who do show their real pics.

  4. Default my pictures are genuine.

    Hi all:
    Just i want to say Im not happy about your coments.
    Be siriuos when you speack about somebody else bc you can damage a lot, for nothing.
    Scars??? I think you are a little bit exaggerate.
    Everybody is welcome to verify whenever you want.

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    Come on Sofia. It is the truth. I never said anything bad about you. I did enjoy my time with you. What I am really saying is that your pics of your boobs on your profile must have been altered to cover some scarring for your op. You know this aswell as I do.

    And for you punters out there I would recommend Sofia, my time with her was 1st class & I will be visiting her again. You get what you pay for with Sofia.

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