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    Default best anal escort

    looking for recommendations for an escort who does anal?

    for those of you so inclined who's the best anal escort you've been with

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    Mayo Maria in Athlone is great, but American Pie who tours around the country every few weeks, (and who i had the absolute pleasure of about an hour and a half ago in Dublin) is definitely the one you want, hence the mood i chose for today, Not Worthy, above. She was absolutely fantastic in every way, fucking brilliant. 1 word -WOW- I think the word WOW will cover everything as she left me speechless. She was the best fuck of my life, and she's fucking gorgeous and sexy too. My number 1 girl of all time always was and always will be the Scottish Beauty Sandy who was here just over a year ago for a good few months but who has been in Glasgow for over a year now i think, she was my best, but definitely American Pie Libby is definitely my 1-and-a-half - 2nd favourite in regards to the best ride ever. They are both brilliant.

    So moral of the story is, go fuck the gorgeous ass off Libby cos i think she leaves tomorrow. She's on this site. It is her in the pic's but she's better in real life. Go get her fella's!

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    Agnieszka is pretty special ....and boy does she like anal!!
    Other than that Amanda Kinky Bitch is REALLY into it and can't get enough.
    These 2 are the best I've had.


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