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    hello i'm new to all this, and need some help.

    when the girls show their intrests, can you ask for all, some, or just 1, depending on the time requested?

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    Time allowing, you can participate in all the activities that the girls list under favourites or only those that you wish to participate in. Some activities may require additional remuneration above and beyond the price listed for time and companionship. You need to check this out in advance just in case what you are interested in carries a "surcharge".

    Be aware that quite a few escorts list services that they dont actually provide in reality....most likely A, OWO or CIM. Some escorts list everything, will tell you on the phone that they do everything, including the activities that you are specially enquiring about, and then when you hand over the money, "sorry but I dont do that....mistake in advertising" or "no habla Ingles". Read any reviews of the escort first and pay particular attention to what those punters with a lot of reviews are saying about a particular escort.

    In my own opinion, if the escort's pictures are not verified as being genuine or the escort does'nt allow reviews, dont waste your time.

    Happy punting.

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    Talking carlos,

    espanyol muy dificil.habla espanyol,un poco.ingles,no muy dificil.ingles muy facil.
    oh yes indeed amigo,you speak the truth in your post,good info

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    thanks for the help

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