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Thread: Longest running thread!!

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    Default Longest running thread!!

    I was looking out our own Drop one Keep one thread and the thought came to my head as to how long the longest thread on any site has been running, now I came across a few but none as bizzare as this one or should I say forum in general:

    no time at all! the forum as a whole has up to 10,000 people logged on at any one time, with 250,000 members registered, and about 100,000 of those active, there are over 7000 seperate forum areas to subscribe to, and around 30,000 posts per day (as of 2 months ago, the forum has grown somewhat since then) some stats from 6 months ago;
    157,000 (78,507 active in the last 2 weeks)
    Number of posts to date: 5.65 million
    Number of posts per day: 30,000
    Number of countries represented:143
    Number of project photos:2 million

    and to think, it's a knitting forum!!

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    Knitting, gardening, cooking, they're all taking over from sex........some scientists have predicted that male humans will become extinct after a few million years.....assuming we have'nt destroyed the planet long before then. Reproduction will be by genetically manufactured sperm artificially inseminated and the mother will be able to decide the physical characteristics of her all female offspring or even a clone of herself. The only physical sex will be of the lesbian variety.

    The last few males who somehow managed to survive with a modicum of testosterone will subsist as outcasts in barren polluted wastelands at the periphery of civilisation. If the pollution does'nt do for them, they will be hunted down and forcibly feminised with oestrogen medication before the final phallussectomy.

    Here's the science bit:

    Birth Control Pill In Sewage Blamed For Sex-Change Fish

    It's a kind of feminist plant of the apes......and we dont even have Charlton Heston around to save us any more.

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