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Thread: warning to limerick punters

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    Angry warning to limerick punters

    went to this girl in limerick on friday called melissa, a thai escort, stay as far away as possible
    the rudest escort i ever met, she wouldnt let me touch her anywhere, when i was thrusting her in doggy she kept her hand at my chest so i woulnt go in far
    but before this irang her and must hav talked to other girl and asked how much for half hour with anal, she said 100 euros no extra charge for the anal, i asked 3 times and again to melissa, she said no problem to anal before i handed ovr the 100, wen she came bck in her attitude changed comp, she laughed wen i said i wanted anal, she said she only do it for extra 1000 euros, the mobile kept ringing and she stopped in sex and answered
    it was the first time i felt like beating the crap out of a bird
    guys just be aware of escort scams and if ur not happy get your money bck
    i regreted i didnt do something then and there

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    "she only do it for extra 1000 euros".... lol.

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