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Thread: Honest opinion please

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    Default Honest opinion please

    helooooo all,

    i need a HONEST OPINION please

    i did call a few escorts and got really good freindly replies, but iam really confused to whom i would visit.
    all whom i called said would do anal and owo which is my reall need
    please HELP me to choose the Dublin

    1)REBEKA......Hungarian on francis street

    2)LORETTA....Italian in ashtown

    3)Barbara escort airport....Spanish next to hilton hotel

    4)Reneta (OR)Kristine....Slovaks in city ceter

    5)Alenjandra....Spanish in finglas

    6)Nataly...Czech in condalkin

    7)sexy Isabelle....French in city center

    8)mature Sara....tunisian in swords

    please help me

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    You can cross off Sara in Swords - she's moved on to Limerick.

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    Go for either of the Slovak girls, don't forget to give your arse a good wash........

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    Don't forget to wash your asshole.

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    Default honest opinion

    no one still telling me about whom to visit

    thanks for the information that sara is not in dublin

    please some one help me please

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    Default Sorry!

    Sorry Dubs, I've never seen any of the ladies you're asking about, so I can't offer an opinion either way.

    Maybe it would be best to check the ladies reviews if they have any, see who submitted them, and send them a PM to ask how the service was, and be sure to ask what they did/didn't get, hidden/extra costs, etc. Might be the best way to find exactly what you're looking for! Best of luck!

    Cable 87

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicegirlsarenice View Post
    Don't forget to wash your asshole.
    this is good

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    Thumbs up

    Good advice from cable 87.
    Also you could ring Veronica in galway and ask her when will she be back in dublin.
    She has lots of good reviews.
    Thats if you can wait that long of course.
    Best of luck.
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    Default honest opion

    thank you very much CABLE 87

    what you wrote is perfect and true and thank you very much for the reply

    thank you also rincewind,true as you said veronica,brazilian has got lots of reviews...would call her

    thank you also expereinced punter

    just a doubt to nicegirlsavenice........just what did you mean ??????????
    i asked a help and didnt understand your reply

    and gabriela caprice...whats good in it ?????? when you need a help,do you prefer people like that or like CABLE87,rincewind, who was priceise and true

    come on ........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriela Caprice View Post

    this is good
    Brenda Beauty Babe to thank for that wise advice.

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