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Thread: Tevez to leave United

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    Talking Tevez to leave United

    I heard some great breaking news on sky sports this morning that Carlos Tevez is leaving Utd. It appears they offered him a very good contract but he wanted more money. I hope he doesn't go to Liverpool or Chelsea. If it's money he's after then it will be Madrid or Man City. The fab 4 are only 2 now and I wouldn't rely on Berbatov too much if I were a Utd supporter. That just leaves Rooney. That's alot of goals out of the team without Ronaldo and Tevez. Valencia won't score anywhere near Ronaldos total. The way Bobby Charlton spoke the other day they won't be spending huge amounts as he described Ronaldos fee as vulgar. That rules out Ribery as he would cost 60 million plus. It's good to see the demise of Utd

    It's probably not a demise as Ferguson will have players lined up but I can enjoy it for now. I wonder is he going the Arsenal route and bringing through young players instead of buying ready made replacements. Could we see more of Macheda and others like him next season. If Vidic was to leave now it would really be a demise

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    Default breaking news

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