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    Why I had come on was because of the good will and support and kind PM's I have been getting

    I want to say thanks to one and all again

    There are some good un's on this webiste

    TM is a big day for me. Psych appt and I want to delve into my sexual probs more

    I made four points here before.

    I get no feeling from sex

    I never have

    I get no feeling from masturbation

    I never have

    Some found the latter two mad, but they are facts

    What I didnt say was I force myself to cum by holding my muscles in my neck arms and leg so tight I nearly collapse and am very ill. Its a ritual and I if I do it for long enough, I do orgasm,. Theres no enjoyment from it. Its serverly affecting my physical health. I do this x2 a day in private, work and home..

    Just wondering anyone heard of this??

    Genuine replies only pl

    Psych says anxiety related

    Gonna probe this with him too


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    If it works for you.

    Go for it !!!

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    It does sound anxietit related. If you can get up normally but just dont get any sensation from masturbation it may be that you just cant let go
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