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    Hi Amelia,

    Robin here. Look I apologised to you last week.

    Your messages today are weird.

    People view the web with mental health problems?? I am sure they do
    What are you saying about the people who post here.

    I apologised to you as you no longer have a tour with Lovely Lizzy. Sin e as the pickies say

    I certainly didnt endanger you. Farcical. If anything does, its your drinking.

    You thinly veiled that you disappointed many clients in Cork because you were so "paranoid" aka pissed"!

    All the best to AA



    Last edited by Robin Rock; 11-06-09 at 18:50. Reason: I forgot I am not Liz Hilton!!

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    Default Robin Rock...more slander

    What is your problem you silly bitch? I don't drink you sad muppet!! Why don't you crawl back into the filthy hole you crawled out of and stop posting completely untrue, and slanderous accusations.
    I think you yourself are are a prime example of the fact that the internet is used by a lot of insane, and deluded people. Your postings, fake reviews, and general malice are here for all to see!!
    I'm sure your mother probably didn't give you enough attention as a child, which may explain your infantile, pathetic, "look at me" behaviour on here...and tell your little friend in Maida Vale that as nice a person as I am, I DO NOT SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY...AND I KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES
    Unlike her, I take a somewhat more "direct" approach to dealing with people who upset me...and unlike her I am not so cowardly that I need to hide behind the annonymity of the internet...capisce?
    So take my advice and quit whilst you're ahead, eh? Love Amelia xxx

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    Default Hi Dexter

    Hi Dexter, nice to see you on here putting your creative writing skills to good use once more....

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    Chill Amelia, grab a marmite sandwich!
    My marriage was 14 years....Pain

    Dublin without an All Ireland is 15 years.....Pain (thanks for the reminder ber!!!)

    Liverpool without a title for 20 years....Pure Pleasure!!!

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    Amelia your not the only one who knows where she lives. The whole forum does

    I was just checking out your website Amelia. You look so hot. What in the name of God was a gorgeous escort like yourself doing with an old hag like that

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