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Thread: Robin Rock speaks the truth

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    Default Robin Rock speaks the truth

    I have spoken to a number of fellow punters out and about tonight who read, but never post on here, as they have a life!

    We all ask one thing

    Why can a guy not express an opinion heer. I think liz hilton is rotten. Why cant I elaborate on that

    Why can we talk about the foreign ladies who wont revert?

    Why not about the girls who we review negatively and reviews "disappear"

    How long before the "Con" ends...

    How long more before the losers on here stop defending blindly what they dont understand??!!

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    You seem to only be posting to slander someone
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    Default Robin Rock stop slandering..and tell us who you REALLY are???

    I have spoken to a couple of people on here who are under the impression that Robin Rock and Liz Hilton may in fact be the same seems a little odd that I fall out with Liz, then all of a sudden a slanderous, untrue, and potentially dangerous comment with regard to my personal safety appears on here. I have to say that this posting appearing on the site made me extremely paranoid and really put a downer on my trip to Cork, and I believe that impacted on the service I was able to provide for clients. Mr. Rock, whoever you are you should be aware that the internet is used by many people who are not in the best of mental health...the remark you made about me being an anti-irish racist could've had serious consequences had it been read by the wrong person. As for Ms. Hilton if you hate her so much, then for God's sakes stop posting about her on here because the attention and the publicity is exactly what she wants!!!! You need to be aware that what you post here can have serious consequences for people's reputations, and in some cases given the inflammatory nature of what you are writing, their personal safety too. Unless you have met a person, you have no right to post ANYTHING about them, and you certainly had NO right to write ANYTHING about me given that you have never even met me!!! And with regard to the other matter, I would suggest you stop giving attention to a deluded, infantile, attention seeking 43 year old!!! Find someone, or something more interesting to post about because I for one am sick to the back teeth with seeing her name crop up on here time and time again...

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    Default Robin Rock aka Liz Hilton writing under an alias

    I have formed the opinion that Robin Rock and Liz are the same person due to the insulting, rude and damaging remarks that this user is posting, but the real giveaway is the the misspelling of the word "pikey" which she uses to refer to Irish people, but wrongly spells in a posting with the title "Irish Sagbag" as "pickie". If you look at her blog she uses this wrongly spelled word on many occasions to refer to the Irish. The actual term "pikey" means a gipsy, and being of Roma descent I should know. It has nothing to do with the Irish, so we clearly have somebody here who not only needs to learn to spell properly, but could do with getting themselves an education as well...
    Nice try....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Rock View Post
    I have spoken to a number of fellow punters out and about tonight who read, but never post on here, as they have a life!

    Hey Robin, is this a secret society of punters ??? Can I join.

    I was always of the impression that being a punter was a pretty lonely furrow to plough as normally you don't go bragging to other people about your punting.

    But alas I was wrong there is a club for punters that have lives, apparently

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