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Thread: warning for Galway

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    Default warning for Galway

    There was a call I got for apt at 10pm tonight. While he was in my room another guy knoked at the door asking for Paul. I said he wasn't here and closed the door, not realizing he had removed my room key from the slot.

    Wen I asked the client to sort the cash out he asked to see me strip first And asked me if I take cocaine it was then I realized he was wired up. He then started to look in my other rooms and tried to look in my bag i snached it back and told him to go, at this point I heard someone at the door which was the other guy trying to get in.

    The guy who came to visit me had army cut hair, about 6.3 tall, about 13 stone and 23 years old, the other guy about 5 years older with reseading hair at the front and about 28-30

    These guys are very dangerous as it was a set up to rob & rape me, so be carful as I was lucky Im good at looking after myself and always have a friend with me when I travel, the Tele no 0857462***

    Keep safe put there

    Mistress Maisie

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    Jesus there are some bad eggs out there all right
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